Bitpanda launches its Blockchain Research & Development Center

European-based digital investment platform Bitpanda announced the creation of Blockchain Research & Development Center. It will develop new solutions using Blockchain technology and confirm its status as a leader in this field.

Bitpanda plans to invest EUR10 million over the next two years in the facility. It will use different blockchains for the infrastructure of its multi-asset platform.

Blockchain Research & Development Center will be home to world-class engineers and experts in blockchain technology who want to develop new solutions.

The new distributed blockchain team members will benefit from specialized training sessions and knowledge-swapping with existing team members like Christian Trummer.

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Trummer shared his thoughts on the changes by saying the following:

Blockchain technology has the potential to change people’s way of life. We see this more and more often on the basis of its dynamic adoption. Around the world, the organizations that facilitate its development are becoming more and more visible, leading to breakthrough innovations. At Bitpad, we focus on promoting the use of blockchain for everyday life because we believe it is the technology of the future. I have been working with this network personally since 2012, and in 2014 we built a dedicated team fully focused on this technology. I am very pleased to launch our Blockchain Research & Development Hub. Its engineers will receive all the resources they need to bring a new level of innovation to Bitpandy customers.

Bitpandy has over 500 employees. New Bitpandy’s distributed research team members will work together to develop strategic blockchain capabilities and prototypes to create ready-to-deploy solutions. The blockchain research and development hub brings together the best professionals and draws on existing capabilities to increase the global adoption of blockchain technology.

Bitpanda’s new blockchain research and development centre are a step further. It expects to bring together the best minds in the world to design the technologies that will revolutionize finance.

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