CoinJar launches its first crypto card in Australia with Mastercard

Australia’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar has teamed up with Mastercard to launch a new crypto card that will allow ordinary users to access digital asset services.

On Tuesday, the exchange announced in a blog post that its new CoinJar card would enable users to use their cryptocurrency assets wherever a Mastercard accepted.

Now Australians will be able to spend their cryptocurrency without the need to convert it to fiat before they make a payment. Users will only need to select the cryptocurrency they wish to pay with the CoinJar Card. Before the transaction can be made, it will convert into Australian dollars.

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Users were also promised extra benefits by the cryptocurrency exchange, such as no monthly fees, free activation, and rewards.

The new crypto card allows you to use 30 different cryptocurrencies, including the most valuable ones, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Ethereum. These cards will be available to both digital and physical users; It will also allow integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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