Blockchain is attracting a lot of attention from game makers

According to a recent survey, blockchain and NFT technologies appeal to most video game developers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Stratis, a software startup, recently conducted a poll. It discovered that 58 percent of American and British video game creators had included blockchain technology in their respective projects. NFT has been included in the games of 47% of those who have done so.

There were 197 video game developers from the United States and the United Kingdom who answered the survey’s questions. These technologies are being considered by the other participants, who are joining those currently using blockchain and NFT technology. The majority of respondents (72 percent) stated they would consider employing them to develop new games in the future. 56% want to do so in the next year, according to the survey results.

Respondents to the study were asked whether they believed blockchain technology would become more prevalent in video games during the next 24 months. Sixty-four percent said “yes.”

According to 61 percent of developers, blockchain enables developers to create more original and fascinating gaming for users to experience. 55% of respondents said that blockchain delivers new value to participants.

A noteworthy finding is that 46 percent of developers are interested in the rising popularity of the “Play to Earn” business model, which is based on player participation.

According to Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis, the growth of play-to-earn games will mostly occur in developing nations, where earning a few bucks a day via gaming may be a lucrative company.

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