Craig S. Wright Granted £1 in “False” Bitcoin Defamation Case

A high court judge found that Craig S. Wright would get £1 in damages for his libel suit against Peter McCormack.

Today, the case’s press summary was released online, confirming Justice Chamberlain’s determination that McCormack “did severe injury” to Wright’s image by posting and disseminating information challenging his links to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright is the founder of Bitcoin SV, a very obscure Bitcoin Cash variant that calls itself “the original Bitcoin.” Wright has claimed for years that he is Bitcoin’s pseudonymous founder. Still, his claims have been received with significant suspicion in the cryptocurrency industry since he has never supplied the private key to a wallet believed to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto. 

According to the press summary, McCormack has consistently utilised his social media outlets over the last several years to contradict Wright’s assertions that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. The argument hinged on McCormack’s multiple rebuttals to Wright, including a 2019 video in which he declared, “Craig Wright is a liar, a fraud, and an idiot; he is not Satoshi.”

While Chamberlain acknowledged that McCormack had fair reasons to dispute Wright’s statements, he said that McCormack had also caused severe reputational harm to Wright. Nonetheless, he acknowledged that he disregarded some evidence Wright had offered. In summing up the case, the judge said that Wright had pursued a “deliberately fraudulent case” using “deliberately false evidence” and, as a result, would only get £1.

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