Blockfolio is now available under the new FTX branding

Blockfolio, a popular cryptocurrency app that can be used for multiple purposes, has been officially renamed FTX. This change will not impact the user experience.

Blockfolio was purchased by cryptocurrency derivatives platform FTX last August for $150 million. Now both companies have gone a step further in their collaboration. Blockfolio, a multifunctional app, has been rebranded to FTX.

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According to the major news release, the relocation will improve retail trader service and make ftx Mobile one of the most simple and easy-to-use applications.

Sam Bankman Fried, the CEO of the stock exchange, said these words about the rebranding:

Ftx rebranding: Blockfolio on FTX imposes a definitive restriction on our acquisition of Blockfolio, doubling our commitment to being number one among cryptocurrency trading platforms for both retail and institutional users. Blockfolio rebranding demonstrates our commitment to mobile commerce and is the next step in our brand’s global growth and will allow us to bring new features to market and improve the user experience.

The blockfolio official website is currently rebranded with all FTX marketing certifications.

The FTX cryptocurrency exchange also signed a partnership agreement with Miami-Dade County over 19 years worth $135 million. Its goal is to rename Miami heat FTX Arena.

The agreement was made with local authorities. It is estimated that it will last until 2040. FTX Ceo Sam Bankman-Fried said that “this is more than putting my name on an iconic structure.”

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