BNB Chain Looking to increase Transaction Speed

In the time since the BNB chain launch in September 2020, it has handled over 3 billion transactions from over 200 million distinct IP addresses.

Upgrades to Web3 apps, on-chain communication layer to enable real-time technical assistance for developers and users, and a method of unlocking new privacy use cases from a regulatory and compliance viewpoint are just some of the modifications the BNB chain looking for.

According to BNB chain head, BNB chain’s goal is to reach EVM compatibilities. When working with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, developers must use EVM, short for Ethereum Virtual Machine, as their native processing system.

BNB Chain plans to increase the number of validators from 29 to 100 with the 2023 plan. There will be more on-chain governance for validators, giving them more say in the future of the network and how it operates.

In the future, the blockchain hopes to double its throughput from the current 140 million gas limit and 2,200 TPS to 300 million gas restriction and 5,000 TPS. 

The gas limit is the maximum amount of money a user is prepared to spend on a cryptocurrency transaction or smart contract operation.

To accommodate a larger range of applications, BNB Chain has announced that it would be implementing Optimistic rollups. The goal of the scaling strategy known as the “optimistic rollup” is to reduce transaction costs and increase throughput by relocating computation and state storage outside the blockchain.

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