Burger King Brazil will receive Dogeppr payments in Dogecoin

Brazilian Burger King franchises have announced that they accept DOGE payments for new dog biscuits called Dogeppr in Brazil. You can pay in dogecoin to purchase this item.

Dogeppr is available for purchase. Customers must then check availability and select how many dog cookies they want. A Dogepper costs just three dogecoins. You can also purchase full-fledged meals. After completing the registration, the customer transfers DOGE to burger king’s wallet.

Now you can buy Dogepper using dogecoin, take advantage of this. What is the best way to pay for a product aimed at dogs? Of course, Dogecoin

We found this in the Burger King Brazil ad

You can buy Dogeppr using mobile apps

Dogeppr is available through BK Delivery, Ifood Delivery, Rappi and Uber Eats. This service is subject to availability. Customers who do not have DOGE can still buy cookies for the Brazilian real, (BRL).

BK Brazil says that some of the Dogepper’s revenues will be donated to animal protection NGOs. BK Brazil has announced that the franchise has partnered to Petlove.

Burger King’s official Twitter account tweets about the coinme meme, besides to Brazil promotions. Burger King’s official Twitter account said, “Please tell us you left a dovecan for us” when The Axe company released Dogecan.

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