Calo Indoor Will Launch as First Burn-to-Earn Project With AR and GameFi

Hochiminh, Vietnam, 30th August, 2022, Chainwire

Calo Metaverse has revealed that its second project will be Calo Indoor, the first application in the world to utilize the Burn-to-Earn (B2E) reward mechanism. The Calo Indoor app also combines AR (Augmented Reality) technology with GameFi elements that are synonymous with web3.

Burn-to-Earn is a progression of the Move-to-Earn (M2E) trend which dominated web3 in early 2022. If M2E encourages users to join outdoor physical activities, then B2E does the same for indoor exercise. Calo Indoor encourages users to exercise at home through the Augmented Reality games installed on the smartphone or tablet app. To start practicing, players need to equip a virtual NFT sneaker suitable for each type of exercise. Players can earn valuable rewards for exercising that can be converted into cash such as IFIT tokens, Calo tokens or other items in-game.

The Calo Indoor app taps into growing demand for home workouts that don’t require specialist equipment. As more people work from home and spend less time commuting, the home fitness market has expanded rapidly. Calo Indoor is particularly beneficial to residents of urban areas to whom indoor exercise is often preferable and more convenient than outdoor alternatives such as running.

Calo Indoor follows Calo Run in being released by the CaloVerse ecosystem. It’s focused on building a system of indoor exercise activities that can be enhanced by AR technology. The two apps that have been released under the Calo brand to date are part of the trend for incentivized fitness apps. The incorporation of AR technology makes for a more immersive and gamified user experience, with rewards mapping closely to the activity performed.

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About Calo Metaverse

Calo Metaverse applies blockchain and metaverse (virtual universe) components into health and entertainment products that support wellbeing. CaloVerse is the ecosystem of the Calo Metaverse and is dedicated to sports and lifestyle. Calo Run and Calo Indoor are two projects within CaloVerse. Calo Indoor encourages users to exercise at home through gameplay that combines GameFi and AR.

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