Cardano Prepares for Complete Decentralization as It Sets to Enter the Era of Voltaire

Cardano is preparing for complete decentralization as it prepares to enter the Voltaire age later this year. In the Voltaire age, users may utilize their stake and voting rights to shape the network’s future evolution via the introduction of voting and treasury systems.

Currently, the Cardano network depends on infrastructure established during the Shelley period. The platform must be capable of decentralized maintenance and enhancement to accomplish genuine decentralization. Once implemented, the Voltaire period would let network players propose improvement recommendations for Cardano that stakeholders may vote on using the current staking and delegation procedures.

With the vote and treasury processes in place, IOG will no longer oversee Cardano. IOG will create a safe, decentralized foundation upon which the community will build and extend Cardano’s platform using the appropriate tools.

IOG, the corporation responsible for Cardano’s research and development, updated Age of Voltaire last Friday (March 24). Currently, the idea is being planned and co-created with the community to offer on-chain tools that improve democratic decision-making across the ecosystem.

According to IOG, this gathering began a series of community activities in 2023 designed to further community approval and implementation of the CIP. As the platform prepares to enter the Voltaire period and signal a new era of governance, IOG anticipates further seminars and conversations in the following months.

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