Creaton Aims To Become The Decentralized Alternative To Patreon And OnlyFans

Sheridan, Wyoming, 4th November, 2021,

Creaton paves the way for forging a direct connection between creators and their fans. Through this project and its use of non-fungible tokens, an artist can create an unstoppable income through a subscription-based model. The Web3 membership platform changes the way people think about content monetization and getting the most bang for the buck.

Membership platforms provide tremendous potential for fans and creators alike. These solutions are marred by intermediaries, rules, guidelines, and potential drawbacks in the current landscape. It is time to evolve the idea of membership platforms into the modern era. Creaton is the solution to these shortcomings, as the decentralized and encrypted membership platform operates on an entirely different narrative.

One can best describe Creaton as an OnlyFans / Patreon competitor who empowers the creator rather than wrests control. It removes the need for centralized platforms and intermediaries. Instead, Creaton paves the way for creators to directly engage with their fans, build new connections, and create an unlimited revenue stream that isn’t subject to third-party approval. Moreover, creators open themselves to a global audience through the use of cryptocurrencies.

Everyone can use Creaton to their heart’s content. The platform goes live at the beginning of November 2021, but smaller creators are already experimenting with the technology as a final “test’. The team will reach out to influencers to bring more attention to Creaton. So far, roughly 100 creators are on board to provide bug reports and other QoL suggestions to make the decentralized platform more robust and appealing. 

Creaton is cryptocurrency-driven and censorship-resistant. Launching the project is the first step of a long journey to expand the platform, attract creators globally, and bring more meaningful interactions to fans worldwide. Additionally, creators and fans claim ownership of content through NFTs, with content remaining available forever through permanent storage solutions. Creaton also boasts the first-ever streamed subscription model via the integration of Superfluid, which enables on-chain gasless cashflows. And this is not the only “first” Creaton is introducing to the world of crypto. The integration of Lit protocol and Nu Cypher also makes Creaton the first-ever fully encrypted social platform to preserve the users’ and creators’ privacy at all times.

The Creaton team adds:

“We are very excited to finally release everything we have worked on for the last year into the hands of millions of creators and users and couldn’t be more excited to finally see what the community does with”

Creaton will release its $CREATE token, which empowers users and creators on, shortly. A more detailed announcement with detailed tokenomics, dates to look out for and the utility it has will occur soon. The $CREATE asset is going to benefit users as well as platform adapters and will be the anchor for the DAO. The Token Generation Event (TGE) for $CREATE will be happening in Q4 2021 with a reward for our earliest users of the platform going out shortly after. 

To generate more awareness, Creaton will host an AMA together with its partner Threshold Network, which is a newly formed merger between NuCypher and Keep Network, on November 1, 2021. Anyone interested in what this decentralized Patreon/OnlyFans competitor can bring to the table will want to watch Creaton’s social media channels for more details!

About Creaton

The launch of represents the first time you can get the full Patreon/OnlyFans experience but crypto-driven and censorship-free. The launch itself only represents the first big milestone and we will continue to expand Creaton with amazing features and polish it to perfection.








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