DappRadar Will Introduce Its Governance Token

DappRadar plans to create a token called RADAR. The token will be used to help fund future platform activities and help decentralize the company.

DappRadar is the most popular Dapp tracker on the internet. It provides statistics, information and insights about all of the most popular Ethereum dapps. With this platform, users are able to track what content is being used by the community, which games are generating most attention or even who has been using certain dapps with their IP address.

Earlier this week, the business unveiled the RADAR coin at an event hosted by the cryptocurrency virtual reality game Somnium Space. According to the announcement, RADAR is a governance token that gives its holders more control over the DappRadar ecosystem as a whole.

The token will benefit holders in a variety of ways for their contributions and dedication to the platform’s growth. This involves involvement in decision-making processes, implying that users will become the service’s primary focus.

Co-founder and chief executive officer of DappRadar, Skirmantas Janukas, said that the token’s launch is simply in keeping with DappRadar’s ideals.

DappRadar was created around decentralised apps. Decentralization is key to our success, and we should go to real DappRadar decentralisation. Closer community cooperation is required to remain ahead of the curve in future years.

DappRadar, which was created in 2018, is presently being used to monitor over 8,000 decentralised applications (dApps) across more than 20 blockchains. It also keeps track of the prices and trading volume for a variety of non-fungible token collections.

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