Elrond Created Europe’s First Carbon Negative Blockchain

Elrond recently announced that it had achieved net-zero carbon emissions as the cryptocurrency industry focused on more environmentally friendly innovation and development. With this level of success, it became the first European blockchain project to achieve this level of success.

According to CryptoPotato’s press release, the blockchain project announced Thursday compensates for more carbon dioxide than its network uses.

Elrond stated that his technology would have a positive effect on the environment. Elrond has joined forces with Offsetra to reduce carbon emissions and help reduce his carbon footprint.

Offsetr experts were first able to analyze Elrond’s blockchain emissions and then negotiate its carbon status.

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They examined the energy consumption of over 5,000 servers across 30 countries on six continents.

Offsetra estimated that Elrond had a carbon footprint of around 6 million kilograms. It was offset by the withdrawal units of 7.4 million kg of CO2, which resulted in a 25% positive impact on the environment.

Benjamin Mincu, co-founder and CEO of the project, believes this milestone will allow him to stay in control and ensure that the platform remains a good fit for future innovators.

We can keep ahead of the ecosystem, making Elrond fertile for this generation to plant the foundations for a digital trust network for future generations.

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