Ethereum is prepared for The Merge as the last shadow split successfully concludes

The successful conclusion of the previous shadow fork indicated that the Ethereum network was prepared to migrate to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Ethereum (ETH) engineers have announced the effective fulfilment of the requirements, shadow forks, for The Merge, the widely awaited blockchain update.

Shadow forks enable developers to stress-test synchronization assumptions during permanent upgrades to ensure network security. Ethereum engineers executed the first shadow split on Apr. 11, 2022, after The Merge.

Ethereum developers may use the testnet to operate nodes, install contracts, and test the network without really affecting the main Ethereum network. Therefore, shadow forks enable engineers to evaluate the effects of network improvements prior to their implementation.

The community must upgrade their Ethereum clients in order to execute the new protocol, which consists of two layers: an execution layer and a consensus layer.

BitMEX CEO Alexander Höptner has emphasized the need of paying careful attention during the Ethereum update to prevent any service interruptions.

Hoptner, speaking with Cointelegraph, explained: “You have to be merely, let’s say, awake and watch what occurs. There is a possibility of high volatility. Therefore, you must ensure that your services are operational. […] We don’t anticipate any substantial disruptions outside of volatility.” The CEO said that community support was crucial to the future of The Merge.

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