Florida Governor DeSantis Themed Coin Surges 7,000% 

In the present time several political-themed meme tokens are surging rapidly ahead of the US presidential election 2024. 

In the present time not only are meme crypto tokens are in trend but several political themed-based tokens are also grabbing popularity. 2024 will welcome a new president for American citizens and the majority of the presidential candidates turned Bitcoin & crypto-friendly personalities.

Recently Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that he will support crypto- friendly policies if he is elected in the US presidential election in 2024. 

Recently an unknown person minted a $RON token on the Ethereum network & this token is trading on the popular decentralised crypto exchange Uniswap. This token surged by nearly 7,000%. 

The current trade price of this token is 63% high over the last 24 hours’ trade price.

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This token was minted by an unknown person around 2 days ago. This token price surges rapidly but strangely 1,384 people are only holding this token.

Experts report noted that the smart contract of this token can be easily altered and also the creator of this token can easily stop the trade/sale of this token. 

Overall the price of this token is fully manipulated by a few numbers of crypto traders. 

Similarly, some other political theme-based crypto tokens like Trust, Biden, etc are grabbing popularity. Reports noted that such tokens may result in a very big financial loss because there are high trade tax fees.

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