Former SEC and CFTC Leaders Urge Collaborative Crypto Regulation

Former SEC and CFTC Chairs Unite for Collaborative Crypto Regulation: A Joint Strategy for Increased Investor Protection.

In a recent opinion piece featured in the prestigious Wall Street Journal, Jay Clayton, former chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Timothy Massad, former chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), underscore the urgent need for their former agencies to work hand in hand to regulate the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Clayton and Massad express their concern that recent enforcement actions taken by their respective agencies against leading crypto firms may not yield significant improvements in investor protections within the sector in the near future.

“We firmly believe that if we are to achieve meaningful progress, litigation alone won’t suffice. Other decisive measures must be taken,” the duo emphasizes.

A central aspect of their proposed strategy involves the SEC and CFTC jointly developing essential investor and market protection standards for existing trading platforms. They suggest that either the agencies act directly or delegate this responsibility to a self-regulatory organization, thus shifting the funding burden to the industry. However, they suggest that Congress mandate this approach for an even more robust implementation.

The former top regulators point out that the overwhelming majority of spot trading volume takes place on centralized platforms, which highlights the significance of their proposed approach in enhancing investor protection within this domain.

One crucial aspect they address is the need to combat “wash trading,” a practice where individuals trade with themselves or affiliates to artificially inflate asset prices or trading volume. This deceptive practice has been estimated to represent a substantial portion of trading volume, especially offshore. Eliminating “wash trading” through their suggested approach would be a game-changer, significantly improving the market’s integrity.

In conclusion, Clayton and Massad’s united call for collaboration between the SEC and CFTC to implement robust crypto regulation reveals their shared commitment to safeguarding investors and fostering a more transparent and secure crypto market. Their proposed strategy, if adopted, could lead to profound positive changes in the crypto landscape and bolster confidence in this rapidly growing sector.

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