GAMESTA recaps its values and talks about its upcoming Token Launch and Tesla’s…

Enter GAMESTA, the A.I. powered Guild, enabling investors to connect to and empower thousands of play-to-earn gamers around the world.

The gaming industry is forecast to be valued at over $268 billion in the next 5 years. As the fastest growing sector in Crypto, Play-to-Earn is flipping the gaming industry on its head and with only 1% of global gamers currently playing Play-To-Earn-based games, the stage is set for unprecedented growth.

GAMESTA will enter the Game-Fi arena using proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology to improve decision-making processes on both the Asset Acquisition and the Asset Deployment, ensuring maximum yield for investors. CopperLaunch is a perfect strategy to raise funds and launch the GSG token, as in essence GAMESTA is a fund, with the value of the GSG token directly linked to the Assets Under Management. The more raised, the higher the token price backed by a bigger asset base, therefore giving self-perpetuating value. Other areas of business will include game development, community building, staking, and VC investing into new projects.


After a successful private round raise of over US$6 million, GAMESTA will hold a Token Launch Auction (TLA) on (more here )

Why a TLA? In recent times, it has been incredibly difficult to get access to whitelists and hold tokens for various launchpads in order to participate in raises in a fair and transparent manner. Value is lost for the project by underselling its token, and VC’s, or those with ‘favors’ get access to the early-stage investments before the token pumps and normal investors are left scratching their heads.

With a TLA, however, anyone can invest, big or small. Without the ability to run bots and scripts, there will be genuine price discovery happening across the 72-hour period the pool will be open. Tokens will be immediately tradable making it impossible for a large party to dump on smaller ones.

The TLA gives everyone a chance to be a part of the GAMESTA DAO.


As a thank you and to ramp up excitement for the TLA, GAMESTA will reward all investors the opportunity to win some substantial prizes, not least a brand new Tesla Model S or US$100,000.

The top 30 contributors will receive a BLACK GAMEX CARD with a further 10 going into a lucky draw for all investors. But the giant cherry on top will be the raffle for a brand spanking new Tesla Model S or US$100,000 available to anyone staking US$250 or more.

So as well as being proud new $GSG investors you might be driving around in a new Tesla!

Here are the benefits of the NFT GAMEX Cards:

  • Access to ‘inside information’ on upcoming sales and events procured by our team of researchers and network of partnerships 15% uplift in staking rewards
  • Access to beta test games
  • Access to Gamesta VIP Real World Events
  • Access to early stage private round allocations through our network of launchpads
    and IDO platforms
  • Early access to our Gamesta Metaverse Gallery

For full details of the competition click here…

About Gamesta:

Gamesta Guild believes the value of any game is created by the network of players playing it. Each player, regardless of his wealth or means, represents the same value in a digital game, investing their time and contributing to an ever-evolving metaverse. Now, through blockchain technology, game developers can finally reward the loyalty of those players.

Furthermore, in-game NFT’s are revolutionizing the way a gamer can build intrinsic value, but with the competition so intense, players from emerging economies sometimes cannot afford the initial outlay to purchase those assets.

Enter Gamesta, the smart contract-based guild enabling investors to connect and empower thousands of underprivileged players throughout The World.

Let’s Unleash Game-Fi together.

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