Jackson, Tennessee city, is open to tax payments in BTC

Jackson, Tennessee city , is looking to accept bitcoin property taxes payments. Mayor Scott Conger believes cryptocurrency is the only solution to the inflation and devaluation of today’s U.S. dollar. He also criticised the Fed for not paying attention to the quality of U.S. currency in his tweet.

Jackson, Tennessee, USA, wants bitcoin (BTC) as a method of paying property taxes.

Jackson Begun work on btc tax payments

Jackson Mayor Scott Conger yesterday announced that the blockchain task force of the city has begun looking into possible ways for authorities in accepting bitcoin property taxes payments.

Why do we accept inflation? Why don’t we demand more from our federal government? 6.3% in 2 years. 172.8% in my life. Every year our dollar is worth less and less. There is no reflection. There’s only one drug for that… #Bitcoin

But the case is – it is worth adding, more profound and more valuable than the dollar. Conger previously used m.in social media. Conger stated that bitcoin was the only solution to the problems of inflation and devaluation.

He said this in his Twitter post

Jackson also has bigger plans for cryptocurrency. Conger spoke about this back in April. The city is looking at ways to pay its employees in cryptocurrencies. It also offers bitcoin mining opportunities to anyone interested. It is also designed to add BTC into the financial accounts of local governments.

The mayor suggested previously that his city might also allow payments in ether and litecoin digital coins.

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