Legal Expert John Deaton Hints At Substantial XRP Upside As Market Expects Ripple’s SEC Case Victory

Long-term predictions regarding Ripple’s future have been circulating within the Ripple community as XRP supporters await the Judge’s decision.

John Deaton, a prominent Ripple supporter and attorney took to Twitter to discuss what he anticipates will occur if Ripple wins or loses against the SEC.

The Attorney believes that Ripple’s XRP has the most favorable risk-to-reward ratio of all the cryptocurrencies on the market. He stated that the judge’s decision is anticipated within the next few weeks and described the potential outcomes should Ripple succeed in the litigation.

Deaton hypothesized that Ripple could file an appeal if the case is not decided in its favor. Nonetheless, if Ripple prevails and the asset is no longer classified as a security in the United States, XRP may experience a price increase.

Deaton is a well-known advocate for XRP who has previously argued that the SEC has been unlawful to Ripple and other extant crypto companies and initiatives. In February, the defendant was confident that Ripple would prevail and that the current Court would eliminate the SEC’s terrible overreach.

“I do not doubt that Ripple will prevail and that the current Supreme Court will halt the SECGov’s offensive overreach. You need only read the West Virginia EPA case to concur with me. He tweeted that Ripple’s summary judgment brief is already an exceptionally well-written appeal brief.

Since the lawsuit began, the court has made numerous decisions in Ripple’s favor. Over time, the Ripple community has amassed significant support from XRP holders and participants in the broader cryptocurrency market.

Multiple influential figures have emphasized the significance of Ripple gaining the case, as a loss might open the way for other crypto firms and assets to be targeted by regulators. XRP is trading at $0.53 at the time of this report, representing a gain of 24.32% over the past week.

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