Major Singaporean Exchange Announces XRP Rewards

Singaporean exchange MEXC Global has offered prizes for XRP traders. Its newly-launched ETF Trade Mining event will enable players to trade specific XRP token pairings and share the reward pool associated with that event.

In this instance, the entire prize pool is 6,500 XRP tokens, and the campaign runs from March 22 through March 24 at 4:59 p.m. UTC. Half of the entire prize pool, or 3,250 XRP, will be given to winners’ accounts each day.

As previously reported, major Singaporean and Seychellesan cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has declared its support for the Coreum airdrop, in which 50 million xCORE tokens (options tokens with a strike option price of $10) would be distributed to SOLO and XRP holders.

In light of recent events involving the Coinbase exchange, the XRP community is advocating for XRP to be relisted on exchanges.

The SEC has notified Coinbase of its decision to seek enforcement action against the most extensive U.S. crypto exchange, the latest development in a lengthy struggle between the agency and the cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase noted in a filing on Wednesday that the so-called Wells Notice pertains to certain features of its exchange, including a portion of the digital assets listed on the platform, the Coinbase Earn staking tool, and the Coinbase Wallet storage service.

In related news, Ripple’s president, Monica Long, expressed optimism that the SEC lawsuit will be resolved favorably. In a recent CNBC interview, Monica Long spoke about the company’s legal struggle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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