MetaMask Adds Bitcoin, Solana, and Cosmos Support with ‘Snaps’ Feature

The most widely used cryptocurrency wallet is set to introduce support for some of the world’s largest blockchain networks through the launch of a new feature.

MetaMask has officially announced on the social media platform X the launch of the open beta for “Snaps,” which is designed to render the MetaMask ecosystem more permissionless.

“Some time ago, Dan Finlay conceived the idea of constructing a platform that invites the developer community to address the most challenging issues in Web3, free from MetaMask’s need for approval.

This notion marked the inception of a vision aimed at constructing a permissionless ecosystem, wherein any developer can create a feature for MetaMask, and anyone can install and utilize it, thereby customizing and enhancing their web3 experience.

And thus, MetaMask Snaps came into existence.”

MetaMask Snaps represent customizable extensions that empower developers to expand the functionality of the MetaMask wallet beyond Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains.

“So, what precisely are MetaMask Snaps? MetaMask Snaps enable you to incorporate features and functionality from independent developers into your MetaMask.

Your beloved wallet has now become modular!”

Snaps can be employed to introduce new features into the wallet, including support for fresh blockchains, different asset types, or novel user interfaces. They are easily installed and managed through the MetaMask Snaps Marketplace.

Developers have the option to submit their Snaps to the marketplace for review and publication. Once a developer’s Snap is published, any MetaMask user can install it.

“…In this initial iteration, we invite you to test the MetaMask Snaps Open Beta and offer feedback that will influence the future direction of MetaMask.”

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