MetaMask users are vulnerable to phishing attacks

According to Ethereumscan and CoinGecko, phishing attacks are currently affecting MetaMask users.

Be careful of hacker attacks!

Cryptocurrency tracking companies Ethereumscan and CoinGecko have both issued warnings about phishing attacks. Many users reported unusual MetaMask pop-ups prompting them to integrate their wallets with the dubious site.

According to the information provided by both analytics companies, the latest phishing attack aims to gain access to users’ funds by requiring them to link their cryptocurrency wallets.

According to Ethereumscan, investors are advised to refrain from confirming any trades requested by MetaMask.

Noedel19 from Twitter associated the case with the Coinzilla scandal as the possible reason for the attack.

According to Noedel19, all Coinzilla advertising partners remain vulnerable to similar attacks.

Coinzilla informed Cointelegraph that the problem has been identified and is reportedly fixed. In addition, she explained that her system was not affected:

The campaign with the malicious code passed our automated security checks and took less than an hour to be stopped by our security team.

Coinzilla updated its position, stressing that no advertiser or publisher is to blame. Coinzilla stated:

The ad code was inserted via an HTML5 banner from a third party source. We will work closely with our publishers to provide support to affected users, identify the culprit, and take appropriate action.

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