Michael Saylor believes there is no reason to stop growing Bitcoin over the next 100 years

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has stood firm in his long-term bullish Bitcoin (BTC) position. He focuses on the unique potential of Bitcoin to become a “future owner.”

Saylor said that MicroStrategy’s large contribution towards Bitcoin, which has turned its attention to debt markets to preserve its position in the market, is the “highest growth and lowest-risk strategy” that the company could pursue.

Some people think that diversification means buying other types of cryptocurrencies or other types of stocks. We think that by holding Bitcoin, we are diversified. Because we can see Bitcoin in the balance sheets of cities, states, governments, businesses, small [and] large investors. Ultimately, Bitcoin will be the core of technological innovations at Apple, Amazon and Facebook, so we want to grow Bitcoin.

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When asked by an interviewer how large, centralized companies such as Facebook and Twitter can be linked with a distributed network, Saylor replied that Bitcoin is the key to their widespread spam and cybersecurity problems. By incorporating an ecosystem capable of ensuring creditworthiness as well as trust, Bitcoin integration (and, in particular, micropayments supporting Lightning Network) can address these issues.

If you want to improve your user experience [on these technology platforms], then you need to have skin on the game. And Bitcoin provides “skin in the name” for all interactors in the cyber environment. Dorsey understands that. The deadly application is cybersecurity integrated into the international trust network.

Michael Saylor seems to have balanced Saylors’ prediction about Bitcoin’s long-term future. He sees the possibility of new functionalities being supported on the web and the potential for developing the property into tomorrow.

MicroStrategy placed a bet on Bitcoin after borrowing $2.2 billion at a fixed interest rate of around 1.5%. This is because they believe that Bitcoin will be used by “billions” of people.

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