Migration to Solana by Helium Network is scheduled for March

To increase scalability and dependability, communications protocol Helium Network has planned a move to the Solana blockchain and the implementation of oracles for March 27.

The current Helium blockchain will be shut down for 24 hours on March 27 as stated in a blog post published on February 17. Data transfers and Proof-of-Coverage processes will continue as normal. There will be a volunteer group guiding the relocation. The Helium crew said:

“Wallets, Hotspots, and the Helium Network’s overall status will all undergo an update throughout the 24-hour period beginning at about 1500 UTC / 10:00 AM ET.”

If validators cease issuing blocks after the chain stoppage, then transactions will not be able to synchronize. 

Once the changeover time ends, your Helium Wallet will include any prizes earned via Proof-of-Coverage activities in the preceding 24 hours. Claimable balances will be updated by Oracles, and Hotspot Owners may begin using the new claim feature.

All HNT and MOBILE token holders will automatically be included in the update. Most hotspot owners are in the same position, but those with a large fleet may have the opportunity to experiment with claim functionality or create unique wallet solutions.

On September 22nd, Solana residents overwhelmingly approved Measure HIP-70, making it possible for the town to relocate there. More of its native currency would be accessible to subDAO reward pools, mining would be enhanced, and the ecosystem would get more consistent support, as was emphasised by the creators at the time.

In the same month that T-Mobile and Nova Labs announced their partnership to launch a crypto-powered mobile service, Helium’s creators announced that subscribers would be able to earn crypto rewards by providing information about coverage quality and the locations of Helium dead spots across the United States.

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