Hedera (HBAR) Founder Sets Ambitious 2023 Plans, Declares Network’s Constant Growth Defeats Bad Market

The inventor of the proof-of-stake layer-1 blockchain Hedera (HBAR) is announcing the project’s goals for the next year, claiming that the network managed to withstand the crypto winter.

In a recent interview on the Paul Barron Network’s YouTube channel, Mance Harmon, co-founder and CEO of Hedera, outlines his big plans for the cryptosystem.

Harmon believes that HBAR’s fundamentals improved despite the lengthy crypto bad market last year. It’s safe to say that [Q4] was a great success on all fronts, and it builds on the robust growth seen in the preceding three quarters.

That Hedera’s use and [total value locked] have increased, and that all the metrics seem excellent, particularly at the time when [the] crypto winter really started to set in, is quite intriguing to me.

Harmon goes on to explain that he anticipates HBAR’s growth to continue into 2023 on the expectation that Hedera will be the first blockchain to provide a long-term solution to the industry’s scaling problems.

“Industry-wide, a layer-1 that scales has yet to be implemented. We plan to take the next step towards genuine scale over the following 12 months, increasing its capacity to execute transactions while maintaining a throughput and cost structure that are both competitive and sustainable.

The current state of the network has had the ability to execute 10,000 transactions per second since its debut in the autumn of 2019.

“We outlined a plan for transitioning from where we are now, with a council, each council member operating nodes, allowing the first network to execute the transactions it can process today, to adding community nodes that are not council members.

This year is anticipated. The next phase is to add more shards, which are other networks that contribute to the total throughput.” At the time of writing, Hedera is being exchanged for $0.089, representing a daily rise of nearly 5%.

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