New ChatGPT-4 immediately detected weaknesses in Ethereum smart contracts

Conor Grogan, director of cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase, revealed on Twitter on March 14 that he had thrown a real Ethereum contract into the latest version of the popular chatbot, GPT-4, showing various security bugs and specific places where the smart contract might be abused.

As a bonus, Grogan provided images of the AI bot’s study, which seem to demonstrate that ChatGPT is capable of accurately detecting critical flaws and vulnerabilities, as it decided that the smart contract under scrutiny “should not be deployed, since it includes serious weaknesses and is based on an unlawful scheme.”

Nevertheless, there was significant debate in the comments over whether or not the updated AI tool had found these smart contract flaws on its own or was drawing attention to material that was previously publicly accessible.

Grogan did note that the contract in hand was hacked in 2018 with the faults that the AI tool was pointing out, leading numerous commentators to argue that it was only showing the problems that had previously been made available before its training data termination in September 2021 and that it may not be as effective with an untested smart contract that has never been attacked before.

ChatGPT’s skills are substantial and possibly valuable in auditing smart contracts and other aspects of the cryptocurrency market, such as generating informed forecasts about the future price of cryptocurrencies like Polygon. This is the case whether or not ChatGPT could dig out the flaws in the smart contract independently.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), is considering creating a ChatGPT alternative after hearing complaints that the platform is biased when discussing complex issues. He joked about the need for “TruthGPT.”

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