OpenSea is now compatible with Arbitrum Nova

OpenSea, the most significant marketplace for NFTs, has declared its support for Arbitrum Nova.

Arbitrum Nova has been certified by OpenSea, the largest trading platform for digital valuables and NFTs.

Nova is a second-layer blockchain that was developed with the goal of making data available inexpensively. When it comes to the purchase or sale of digital collectables, customers now have the ability to utilise Nova as a more cost-effective alternative to Ethereum thanks to OpenSea’s integration of NFTs on this blockchain.

OpenSea announced support for Arbitrum, a sister Layer 2 scaling network to Nova, in September of 2022. Arbitrum was named after the company. Offchain Labs is responsible for the invention of both the Nova and Arbitrum cryptocurrencies. According to OpenSea’s announcement, the collections found on Arbitrum Nova will be included in the OpenSea website with the other Arbitrum collections.

It’s important to note that OpenSea isn’t the only NFT marketplace on Nova; smaller rivals like Trove by TreasureDAO, Babylons, and ToFu are also supported. In addition, the community point tokens used on Reddit are hosted on Nova.

According to the data that Defillama has collected on the use of Arbitrum Nova, it presently has a total value locked of $890,000. 

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