Opera announced its integration with the DeFi-platform DeversiFi

Opera, a Web browser that supports Web3, announced the integration of DeversiFi, a Starkware-based blockchain platform, in collaboration with blockchain startup Gateway. fm. Thus, the browser enabled direct interaction between users and Ethereum Level 2.

Opera made this move to provide cost-effective and efficient transactions through its mobile browser wallet and a strategy to increase cryptocurrency use.

According to the official statement, the integration would provide millions of browser users with affordable and speedier DeFi features. The decentralized DeversiFi exchange eliminates the requirement for users to give personal information.

As per the Opera team, the growing frenzy surrounding DeFi and non-fungible tokens (NFT) has resulted in unacceptably high transaction fees on Ethereum’s leading network. Through a partnership with DeversiFi and the integration of a Layer 2 solution, Opera users will be able to send and receive ETH via peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions that include a Layer 2 exchange functionality.

Opera wants to remove the main obstacle to Web3 adoption, namely exorbitant gas prices and slow network speeds.

For those who hate the high transaction costs on Ethereum, this integration will allow them to engage with DeFi through an intuitive user interface smoothly.

Opera launched a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and a decentralized application browser in 2018. Other integrations, such as Bitcoin, Celo, and others, followed.

The Norwegian multinational technology company also announced the release of a beta version of its Crypto Browser project for Windows, Mac, and Android users in January of this year.

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