Opera Now Supports Eight Additional Blockchains

Opera, one of the most popular web browsers, revealed today that it would support up to eight different blockchain networks. The startup hopes to make it easier for users to access decentralised applications across several blockchains.

Well-known projects like Bitcoin, Polygon, Solana and StarkEx, Ronin, Celo, Nervos, and IXO built on Cosmos were among these blockchains.

Polygon’s dApps are now available in the Crypto Browser Project, the company’s new Web3 browser. Earlier this year, Opera released a public beta version of their new browser. The Crypto Browser Project is a standalone browser with a cryptocurrency wallet and built-in dApp functionality. It also includes the Crypto Corner, which features the newest cryptocurrency news and information on prices, gas charges, market sentiment, forthcoming airdrops, educational content, and an events calendar.

At the moment, only Opera for Android supports the Solana, StarkEx, Deversifi, IXO, Ronin, Nervos, Bitcoin, and Celo networks. However, they are likely to receive support from the Crypto Browser Project in the coming months. Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, had the following to say about today’s premiere:

Web3 may still be a bit daunting for the average internet user. However, because of the integration of Solana, Polygon, and other technologies into our mobile browser, it can now access these technologies from a secure and familiar browser that provides it with a specialised Web3 experience.

Opera is one of the oldest web browsers, with a history dating back to 1995. In July 2018, the company released its first product, which included an integrated Ethereum wallet and minimal Web3 functionality.

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