The Gemini Group and Chainalysis join the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition

The Crypto Market Integrity Coalition now includes Gemini, Chainalysis, and 11 more companies. It is a two-month-old group made up of 17 cryptocurrency exchanges, organizations, and industry associations worldwide.

The Crypto Market Integrity Coalition aims to “integrate the principles that assure market fairness and efficiency” into cryptocurrency-related “enterprise operations and strategy.”

Solidus Labs, a market surveillance firm, leads the coalition.

“In order to fulfil the promise of cryptocurrencies and DeFi, we as an industry must speak out about our commitment to addressing and reducing risks,” said Kathy Kraninger, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Solidus Labs.

Coinbase, BitMEX, Huobi Tech, Anchorage Digital, Chamber of Digital Commerce, and CryptoUK are among the company’s initial members. The partnership intends to offer training programs and stimulate interaction with authorities in addition to uniting the digital asset market. Additionally, it would “explore establishing a framework for data exchange and collaborative surveillance” among its members.

Gemini, Robinhood Markets, Chainalysis, Elliptic, Kaiko, and TRM Labs are among the new members of the coalition.

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