PayPal Joins Forces With Crypto Company ConsenSys To Facilitate The Acquisition Of Ethereum (ETH)

ConsenSys is introducing a new cooperation with payment giant PayPal to make purchasing Ethereum more accessible for investors.

According to a recent corporate release, MetaMask, the Ethereum software firm’s prominent cryptocurrency wallet, would integrate PayPal into its platform to make it easier for American investors to purchase the top smart contract platform.

“Today, ConsenSys, a market-leading Web3 firm, announced that US MetaMask users would be able to buy cryptocurrencies (ETH) using PayPal from inside the app. MetaMask is the first Web3 wallet to integrate with PayPal, which will increase the number of successful first purchases.”

To utilize PayPal inside MetaMask, users must log in, hit the “buy” icon, pick PayPal, and then input the amount of ETH they want to transfer or purchase. MetaMask’s product manager, Lorenzo Santos, claims that the wallet facilitates the adoption of Web3 apps like NFT markets, blockchain-based gaming, and decentralized financial services.

Santos Says, “This connection with PayPal will enable our US consumers to not only purchase cryptocurrencies via MetaMask effortlessly, but also explore the Web3 ecosystem without difficulty.”

ConsenSys says the new function will first be offered to a limited number of clients in the United States, but the company hopes to roll out the service nationally within a few weeks.

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