People want Uniswap on Coinbase’s Layer-2 network

Uniswap contributors proposed the idea to deploy the Uniswap crypto exchange on the Base blockchain network.

Uniswap is a first-ranked decentralised crypto exchange. The services of this exchange are available without any need to pass KYC procedures. Initially, this exchange was deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network but now to this date, it is also available on EVM-compatible chains, Celo, BNB Chain, and additional Layer 2 networks like Arbitrum.

Recently a group of Uniswap exchange contributors initiated a discussion to deploy the Uniswap platform on the Base blockchain network. GFX Labs confirmed that it will support the majority of the technical development works to deploy Uniswap on Base.

Base Network 

The base is a layer 2 blockchain network. This blockchain network is powered by Coinbase exchange and aimed to help all the flagship crypto networks to achieve a better level of scalability easily.

The first time, the Base network came to light was late Feb of this year. The Coinbase team confirmed that Base is in the initial phase and also centralised enough but with time it will achieve decentralised nature. 

Uni token price

UNI is the native token of the Uniswap crypto exchange. The current trade price of this token is 3.68% high than the last 24 hours’ trade price. 

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If the proposed proposal will pass successfully then surely the small crypto traders will grab another efficient way to trade with their crypto assets easily. 

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