Platypus Launches Native Stablecoin USP

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 13th December, 2022, Chainwire

Platypus Finance is launching USP, a protocol-native stablecoin. USP’s deployment has emerged from Platypus’ goal of improving capital efficiency for its users. USP also resolves long-running collateral issues associated with stablecoins. The native Platypus Finance stablecoin has been designed to reduce the liquidity fragmentation and scattered assets that are endemic to many protocols.

USP is pegged to the US dollar, operating as an overcollateralized stablecoin that provides a layer of security in cases of depegging with its unique Adaptive Peg Stabilizer. The coin maintains its value itself with the Platypus stableswap AMM algorithm and coverage ratio model.

Platypus’ native stablecoin dramatically enhances capital efficiency for users of the Avalanche DEX. It takes advantage of single-sided collateral and allows users to sit comfortably with minimum smart contract risk. USP can be earned by users by collateralizing their LP tokens with up to 20 times leverage. This way, investors can farm with their USP as a liquid asset and ultimately increase their earning power. USP can be minted in the Main Pools LP to start with, and will expand minting opportunities to the Alternative Pools LP as well.  

Benefits to USP include:

Maximizes Capital Efficiency: Users can mint USP using LP tokens on Platypus Finance as collateral and turn staked assets to liquid.

Enables 20x Leverage Farming: Through repeated minting, leverage farming on Platypus is made possible by up to 20x.

Minimizes Smart Contract Risk: Minting and collaterals are based on a single platform which greatly reduces systematic risks.

Utilizes Single-Sided Collateral: Impermanent loss-free, single-sided LP collateralization enables much higher flexibility and risk control on the minting.

Platypus continues to grow with USP launching as a follow-up to the platform’s release of its Voting Gauge mechanism. The feature essentially gave users power to control where PTP emissions go through the gauge and earn rewards in the form of bribes as they vote.

About Platypus Finance

Platypus has redefined stableswaps and reinvented stablecoins on Avalanche. Masterfully utilizing Platypus’ underlying assets brings next-level capital efficiency which solves the long-standing problem of liquidity fragmentation in traditional DeFi. With an open liquidity pool stableswap and single-sided liquidity provision, it redefines the concept of liquidity equilibrium allowing for the integration of new assets, more use cases for the single-sided LP tokens, and organic growth of assets based on supply and demand. Platypus further utilizes its capital to mint stablecoins: the USP – all of these innovations neatly wrapped in one sleek user interface.

To learn more about USP, check out the yellowpaper, and for more information and regular updates, visit Platypus’ official website and their Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Discord channels.


Platypus Marketing Team

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