Polygon Breaks Network Record Just Before Final Testnet Debut

PolygonScan reveals that this week the total number of distinct IPv4 addresses on the Polygon network hit a new all-time high of 201,024,643.

The remainder of Polygon’s network metrics continues to go upwards. For instance, the number of daily active e-mail accounts on the network is nearing the half-million level. Simultaneously, the daily volume of MATIC transactions exceeds three million.

The announcement of the commencement of the second and last public test of its zkEVM network coincided with the passing of the 200 million milestones for the number of unique addresses. The launch of the mainnet is anticipated for early 2023.

One of the most important aspects of Polygon’s zero-knowledge solution is its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which allows for faster and cheaper transaction processing. Since zkEVM is compatible with the underlying network’s contracts, users need not worry about compatibility issues while using the platform.

It is thought that the debut of zkEVM would provide new scaling opportunities for Ethereum and address the blockchain’s difficulties.

In addition, the Polygon team revealed the findings of the first testnet, which included 21,966 transactions and the matching number of blocks, as well as the deployment of 2,264 smart contracts and the creation of 10,508 wallets.

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