One of Dubai’s Largest Property Builders Now Takes XRP

It is now possible to spend XRP to buy a house in the Keturah Reserve. Meydan is one of Dubai’s most desirable areas, and this month, MAG, a leading UAE real estate developer, announced the debut of Keturah Reserve, an exclusive, new luxury residential complex priced at AED 3 billion.

The new luxury real estate and luxury brand Keturah will debut with the Keturah Reserve, which will comprise super residences such as villas and apartments with one, two, three, and four bedrooms.

The briefing on the requests for summary judgement to exclude expert evidence in the Ripple litigation is complete. Twitter conversations about potential next steps are emerging as the summary judgement decision approaches.

In response, James K. Filan said “The SEC intends to appeal the ruling and has indicated that it intends to seek a stay of execution of the decision from the Second Circuit. In other words, it will urge the court to wait to enforce the verdict while the appeal is pending. That would be a huge showdown, but whether or not the court would let it is another question.”

However, Attorney Jeremy Hogan argues that if Judge Torres merely determines that there were no Sec. 5 breaches, then nothing has to be “stayed” other than the usual post-judgment arguments on costs. Another person thinks relisting XRP on exchanges will become more likely if Ripple is victorious.

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