Ripple and the SEC want to extend their joint motion until January 13

Ripple Labs Inc. and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continue to reach a conclusion. In a fresh joint motion, the parties requested an extension until January 13, 2023, to submit Daubert motions. The delay will also affect the submission of evidence with redactions on the public docket.

Attorney James K. Filan, a member of the XRP community, first published the document. The court has already approved the request, he observes. He also notes that the submission follows the court’s decision to seal the document on December 19.

The Daubert move is a sort of motion that tries to exclude expert evidence from a jury’s deliberations. In this instance, it seeks to safeguard the secret and legitimate privacy interests of third parties.

With the sealing order, Ripple scored a modest victory in the litigation. The court approved the company’s motion to redact Daubert Motions-related materials. Ripple was specifically allowed to redact case papers supplied by MoneyGram and “third party A’s.”

Former Ripple partner MoneyGram demanded redactions to the deposition transcript of one of its officials. Non-parties subpoenaed for documents and testimony in the action are referred to as third-party A’s. Ripple has agreed to the redaction of seven documents requested by these parties.

In contrast, the judgement resulted in a modest loss for the SEC. The regulator’s request was partially granted and partially refused. The court refused the SEC’s motion to redact the identities of its expert witnesses’ consulting companies. Nonetheless, the court approved its request to redact the papers and evidence filed in support of the Daubert applications.

Since it started in December 2020, the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit has now completed two years. However, specialists such as Attorney Filan who have studied the case anticipate a dispute settlement in the near future.

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