Sacramento Kings will create their NFT collection

The Sacramento Kings, an NBA team, just announced the creation and launch of their first NFT line. This collection is in response to the NBA Top Shot tokens. NBA fans can also enjoy a gadget related to the team in the auction.

The market hit “NBA Top Shot,” a collection of tokens that resemble NBA players in blockchain, has already proven to be a success. These tokens were connected to short videos that showed the most important moments in basketball league history. The Sacramento Kings are now following the same path.

The NBA made bitcoin the first payment method to purchase tickets in 2014 for the team. He also accepts Bitcoins as payment for goods in the fan shop. BlockParty and Sacramento Kings joined forces to bring you a blockchain-based, predictive gaming app. This app also gives Kings Tokens to your fans.

In 2021, the team is the first to offer both athletes and employees bitcoin pay. They can convert any portion of their salary into BTC.

Sacramento Kings NFT collection available now

The NFT collection is now available. This NFT collection includes 85 NGFt depicting the most iconic events of the NBA’s first season. The collection will be open sea and includes 84 NFT to buy and a limited edition copy that will go up for auction on July 22.

Vivek Ranadadive, the team’s president and founder, stated that “this NFT links the digital world with the real world, marking a memorable and iconic moment in our franchise history.” There will be a physical Pin to commemorate the 1985 season’s opening. The pin and two tickets for opening matches in the 2021-22 seasons will be provided to the winning bidder. The auction will last until July 26.

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