Chainlink ecosystem reports strong growth, with increasing partner integrations

Chainlink, a leader in oracle service providers, has launched partnership integrations at a rate of more than 1.4 per day over 2021.

The Chainlink ecosystem portal archives reveal that 281 different projects have already announced integration in 2021. Only 201 days have passed this year.

Chainlink’s partners may be obscure projects at the beginning stages of their development, but some of the most prominent players in the cryptocurrency have teamed up with an oracle provider. Among the most well-known names are Huobi Eco Chains, Heder Governing Councils, and Alchemix.

Chainlink ecosystem is seeing a rapid increase in VRF solutions adoption.

More and more projects are using chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This feature offers decentralized applications an automated and secure way to generate randomness.
Infinity Skies, a blockchain-based company, announced that it had partnered up with Chainlink on July 20 to share the loot in the game.

VRF is the ideal solution to such games. Randomness is essential to create an equal playing field for all players. But, this does not diminish the excitement of the unpredictability.

Since loot is probabilistic and NFT has real value for players, it is necessary that loot cannot be ‘played’. Chainlink VRF provides the Infinity Skies smart box opener with direct access to a tamper-proof and controlable random number to determine the results when opening chests.

Infinity Skies declared.

Cryptocurrency developers are developing many innovative applications to use CHAINLINK VRF functions. PancakeSwap included VRF last week in its decentralized lotto app. VRF is also used for other projects that ensure rewards are awarded fairly and consistently.

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