Safe announces a new development stack named “Core” that includes Stripe and Gelato

Safe has introduced Core, an open-source software stack that simplifies the building of smart contracts.

Safe, a Swiss supplier of self-custody infrastructure formerly known as Gnosis Safe has released Core, an open-source stack that includes account abstraction to facilitate the creation of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

The new capability allows developers to more easily construct and administer smart contracts by separating their operation from the idea of an externally controlled account, such as a user wallet. Safe Core incorporates partner solutions from payments giant Stripe and decentralized finance system Gelato to improve its functionality, streamline transaction fees and money flow, and enable fiat on-ramping.

Richard Meissner, who helped start Safe, thinks that account abstraction is important for bringing on new users and making web3 easier to use. 

“With Core, we are providing developers with a modular stack to seize this huge potential,” Meissner said. To enhance the user experience of on-ramps, relays, and authentication included in Safe Core kits, we have collaborated with industry leaders.

The Safe team has announced that they would be hosting a month-long hackathon titled “March for Account Abstraction” to inspire developers to work on Safe Core. 

Around $40 billion in assets are protected by Safe’s smart contract wallet and custody infrastructure, which is used by a number of Ethereum-based applications.

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