Sam Bankman-Fried of the FTX suggests a Cardano Listing

The creator of FTX challenged people who doubt him to bet on whether the exchange will include Spot ADA trading within the next three months.

As Per SBF, FTX International already lists ADA everlasting contracts, and the addition of spot ADA is planned for the future.

A Cardano investor claimed that FTX had declined to market the digital asset because it posed “a danger to everything they want to control,” prompting SBF to issue the above statement in response.

Bankman-Fried claimed that the removal of ADA from the exchange’s listing was accidental. He said that the currency wasn’t included because the exchange preferred to focus on ERC20 tokens and other tokens that ran on blockchains it already supported.

He went on to say that the exchange would need “excellent Cardano validator processing for deposits/withdrawals” before it would offer ADA.

SBF challenged people who believe he is lying about when ADA will be listed on FTX to make a wager on whether or not spot ADA would be listed within the next three months.

Others in the Cardano community disagreed with SBF, stating it was unlikely the exchange would offer ADA given his previous statements.

A September 2021 Business Insider interview with FTX’s creator revealed that the crypto millionaire had said that Cardano will be one of the major blockchains listed on the exchange.

Others have noted that despite being a top ten cryptocurrency, ADA has yet to be included on FTX, despite the fact that the new Aptos APT token was listed practically immediately after its inception.

To further influence the market and short the token, some Cardano enthusiasts have claimed that FTX published an ADA perpetual contract.

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