Samsung will give away NFT to those who pre-ordered the S22

Samsung opted to give away NFT during the launch of its new Galaxy S22 smartphone. Customers who pre-ordered the new model will also receive non-replaceable commemorative tokens that work on the Theta network.

S22 and S8 with NFT

There is a strong indication that Samsung will be handing out non-exchange tokens to clients. It has so far been limited to Korean customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S22 smartphone or the Galaxy S8 tablet.

These are special edition NFTs developed in collaboration with Theta Labs (THETA). Mitch Liu, the blockchain project’s CEO and co-founder commented on the partnership on Twitter:

Samsung Theta commemorative NFT customers with the Galaxy S22 and Tablet S8 will continue to receive membership benefits, and we are looking forward to building a long-term community with them.

Customers who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S22 or Tablet S8 can request their NFT by enrolling on ThetaDrop and entering a unique code provided via the “Samsung Members” app.

Pre-orders for the new models began on February 9, and the devices will be launched on February 25.

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