South Korea declares Do Kwon’s passport to be ‘invalidated’

According to a notification on a government website, Do Kwon has 14 days to surrender his passport.

Wednesday, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed a public notice on its website declaring it will invalidate Terra developer Do Kwon’s passport, furthering an action the government initially stated it was planning a month ago.

The government said that the notification is being made public since the passport return order cannot be “delivered.” An accompanying PDF file provided more information, stating that Kwon’s application for the reissuance of his passport may be denied due to this action.

The message said, “Our Department would like to issue you a ‘Notice of Order for Return of Passport’ by registered mail.” “we tell you that the validity of your passports will be administratively and legally revoked.”

Usually, the loss of a passport would prevent Kwon from leaving South Korea. If he is not present in South Korea, it will likely be difficult for him to go to other countries. Officials gave Kwon 14 days to surrender the passport after the notice’s issuance.

The announcement was made soon after South Korean prosecutors informed local media sources that they had ordered the freeze of approximately $40 million worth of cryptocurrencies they believed were associated with Kwon.

However, Kwon then tweeted that he did not utilize the questioned exchanges and that the cash was not his.

He resumed his current pattern of tweeting contradictory remarks to those made by Korean authorities. He stated that he was unable to locate an Interpol “Red Notice” on the public website of the intergovernmental police agency after prosecutors informed reporters that one had been issued. He denied claims that he was “on the run” despite an outstanding arrest warrant from South Korea and statements from Singaporean officials claiming they were unable to locate him.

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