StarkWare will open-source its Layer 2 network prover technology

StarkWare intends to provide the StarkNet Prover, a major component of its StarkNet Layer 2 system, as open-source software.

Ethereum scaling initiative StarkWare intends to open-source the StarkNet Prover in order to make the technology accessible to the public and boost the code’s openness.

The prover is an essential part of StarkNet, a widely accepted Layer 2 scaling network for Ethereum based on ZK-STARKs technology. The prover is responsible for creating cryptographic proofs to increase the efficiency of Layer 2 scaling and compress transactions.

The open-sourcing of the StarkNet Prover will enable more people to evaluate the code, which will help in the detection of problems and promote transparency. This action may also be considered a good step toward greater decentralisation of StarkNet, according to the team.

After the announcement, StarkWare co-founder and ZK-STARKs creator Eli Ben-Sasson said, “This represents a big milestone towards scaling Ethereum and cryptography, since STARK technology becomes a publicly accessible resource.”

Since the initial launch of StarkNet on the Ethereum mainnet in November 2021, the StarkWare team has open-sourced portions of the StarkNet stack, including the Cairo 1.0 programming language, Papyrus client software, and StarkNet sequencer. When StarkNet is finally deployed in the not-too-distant future, the team behind today’s move says open-sourcing the whole software stack will be complete.

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