The Dogecoin (DOGE) Building Block Gets an Upgrade

After weeks of tease, Dogecoin creator Michi Lumin has released Libdogecoin version 0.1.2.

Lumin says in a lengthy tweet that the new release is substantial and a rollup of the interim 0.1.1 release. The release was announced by the Dogecoin-centric Twitter account Mishaboar.

A lightweight, direct incorporation of Dogecoin is possible with LibDogecoin, a simple C library that eliminates the need for in-depth knowledge of the blockchain.

In August 2022, the first release of LibDogecoin v.0.1 was announced. The development of LibDogecoin continued with version 0.1.1, which eventually developed into the present version 0.1.2.

Based on LibDogecoin, a C library of Dogecoin building blocks, forthcoming projects such as RadioDoge, Gigawallet, and others are being constructed.

Michi Lumin claims that the changes and improvements made to version 0.1.2 include, among other things, a memory integrity check and a truncation repair. She describes many modifications made to Libdogecoin after its first release.

Libdogecoin now supports numerous languages for creating seed phrases to and from keys. Additionally, it now generates keys and addresses correctly. Libdogecoin can now produce QR codes dynamically (in text, jpeg, and png formats) without requiring extra libraries.

Message signing was also upgraded since Libdogecoin now allows the signing and verification of messages and transactions. Improvements were made to libdogecoin’s dependencies, and it now has network awareness, so programmers may check a flag to see whether the library was compiled with network support. Lumin ends that additional features are being developed for the future version 0.1.3.

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