The Filecoin Foundation plans to conduct IPFS-based communication tests

An IPFS satellite carrying the interplanetary file system (IPFS) will be sent into space by the Filecoin Foundation, according to the statement.  This is a continuation of Filecoin and the American aerospace technology company’s previous collaboration on developing a decentralized file storage system for use in the space sector.

The initial launch will showcase the technology. Once Lockheed Martin’s spacecraft is in orbit, the experiment will be carried out. The purpose of this experiment is to assess potential applications of distributed data storage in outer space. Space-to-ground IPFS communication feasibility will be studied in depth.

IPFS is a decentralized file-sharing network. The protocol assigns a special number to each item of data. It is possible for nodes to connect to one another and exchange these identities between themselves. Filecoin is a technology built on top of the IPFS decentralized file-sharing system.

When compared to the internet’s centralized data storage, IPFS is unique. It avoids using persistent identifiers for content in favour of the server where the content resides. To get information from IPFS, users must establish a connection with the node nearest to them in the network that stores the content’s unique identification.

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