Top cannabis Firm From America joins the metaverse

Some organizations in the cannabis industry, inspired by the rising popularity of the metaverse thanks to the booming cryptocurrency market, have begun exploring the advantages that virtual reality may provide their operations and consumers.

The firm went on to elaborate by saying: “ACS Laboratory can be found on the first level, where guests may take their time perusing the 3D lab or participating in the Cannabis Quest to get insight into the field and collect redeemable rewards.”

Visitors to the facility will be able to see the steps used to develop new kinds of cannabis. Cannabis Quest features pop quizzes and virtual rewards.

Visitors may see stations where cannabis is grown, extracted, and prepared for edibles on the second floor, take quizzes to get additional points and shop for non-fungible token (NFT) collections from various cannabis businesses.

The organisation claims that “treasure hunts, celebrity talks, live online musical performances, health and wellness company engagements, and digital marketing activations” are among the numerous events that will be held.

Roger Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer of ACS Laboratory, has commented on the new situation, saying:

“To understand more about the effects of products and the manufacturing process, cannabis consumers may now turn to the fascinating new medium of the virtual reality (VR) metaverse. We’re excited to use this platform to ensure the legal weed is accessible to everyone as part of the cannabis metaverse community.”

The use of cannabis in the fictitious multiverse is not novel. American musician Snoop Dogg has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a number of patents relating to various smoking products, including digital cannabis.

Meanwhile, the joint blockchain network operated by the cryptocurrency project VeChain (VET) and Canadian SaaS startup TruTrace has onboarded the legal cannabis manufacturing industry alongside the food, fashion, and pharmaceutical sectors.

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