Two Major Ukrainian Technology Firms Have Started to Accept Bitcoin

More than 100 locations of two of Ukraine’s top technology merchants now accept cryptocurrency payments.

Techno zhak and Stylus, one of the leading electronics merchants in Ukraine, have both begun accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment.

Both stores’ online shops and a total of 100+ physical locations now accept Bitcoin payments from satisfied customers.

Ukrainian news portal Obozrevatel has reported that WhitePay, a cryptocurrency POS provider, will be adopted by both businesses to accept Bitcoin payments.

Customers can buy cryptocurrencies online using an acquiring form. In-store, WhitePay’s POS will generate a QR code to be included on the customer’s receipt.

Information regarding the transaction’s time, date, network, commissions paid, exchange rate, and more can all be found on the receipt.

WhiteBIT will enable both businesses to accept over 130 different cryptocurrencies, with more to follow. Ukraine is getting ready to enter the digital asset market, according to Whitepay CEO Gleb Udovichenko.

He went on to say that this wasn’t the first time Ukraine had led the world in bitcoin ownership or transaction volume. Customers have more ways to spend their cryptocurrency purchases thanks to us.

However, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the widespread use of cryptocurrencies has increased. The country’s Vice Prime Minister successfully raised over $100 million in cryptocurrency donations from all across the world to help fund their initiative.

The Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for Ukraine has stated that these funds were “essential” to the country’s war effort.

Cryptocurrencies have been allowed in Zelensky since March when the president signed a bill into law establishing regulatory agencies to oversee the industry.

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