Uniswap is in discussions with seven lending platforms to develop “NFT Financialization”

Uniswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, is engaged in discussions with seven NFT lending protocols on the financialization of NFTs.

Scott Lewis, the head of Uniswap’s NFT product, made the remarks in a tweet on Tuesday.

As the AMM aspires to become the interface for all NFT liquidity, Uniswap intends to collaborate with a variety of NFT lending protocols to address two significant challenges in the market.

“We are now in discussions with seven NFT lending processes,” tweeted Lewis on Tuesday. “We shall collaborate with each other to address fragmentation of liquidity and information asymmetry. “

NFT lending systems enable JPEG owners to get a loan against their assets, offering them instant money while allowing them to maintain their assets in the long run.

Lewis was eager to elaborate on the advantages of Uniswap’s participation in the space, but he was reluctant when it came to identifying the exact players engaged, leaving the community with plenty of opportunity for speculating.

With the June acquisition of NFT aggregator Genie, Uniswap has been making substantial gains in the NFT market. Genie enables users to look for and trade NFTs across numerous platforms, promising clients time and money savings.

Now, Uniswap seems to be attempting to recreate the feat with NFT loans, promising more liquidity and improved data.

If Uniswap is similarly successful with NFT liquidity, the business might become a big player in the industry.

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