Vitalik Buterin is in favor of Ukrainians

Vitalik Buterin has continued to advocate for Ukraine and criticize the Russian president for his involvement in the conflict.

Vitalik Buterin expressed his support for Ukraine, which is currently struggling with a Russian invasion. He said similar wars may continue in other parts of the world, but people should not stop caring about Ukraine.

Ukrainians are not the only ones who are suffering from the war. Also people in Yemen, Ethiopia… they are just as human as ukrainians and you. This is NOT an excuse not to care about Ukrainians today. However, this means that we should reflect on ourselves and show compassion for others as well.

– he explained in social media.

His tweet came after he replied to a post in which he urged European universities to accept Russian students who had been punished for the actions of the Putin regime.

Buterin responded to Anton Barbashin, head of the Riddle Russia news service, who wrote:

It would be an amazing gesture if the European University openly welcomed Russian students expelled [from their university] for protesting against the war, signaling that Europe supports those in Russia who oppose Putin and oppose the war. Not all Russians are treated like Putin and company.

Buterin said that support for Ukrainians should be the first priority, then support for those who oppose Putin’s regime.

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