Anonymous launches their cryptocurrency Anon Inu and declares war on China

Online portals are being dominated by the Anonymous community. Famous hackers have endorsed cryptocurrency this time. “We are only at one threshold of the crypto revolution,” the group informs us., in a YouTube message, stated that bitcoin would soon be worth more. The hacktivists also declared war on the Chinese government as well as Elon Musk.

Anonymous released a new video in the form of an announcement about its cryptocurrency, called “Anon Inu.”

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Anonymous, Anon Inu, and China

Let’s talk about China. The Middle East has attacked the cryptocurrency mining market in recent months. All cryptocurrency mines must be closed down by authorities. The official reason: Energy and environmental issues.

Anonymous members argue that China does not care about energy or the environment. The real reason behind the Chinese dragon’s fight with miners was the desire to prepare the ground for the digital currency, which is expected soon to hit the market. Some suggest it could take months and not years.

China was a popular location for miners due to its low energy cost, particularly in remote areas close to hydroelectric dams. China had been happy to let Bitcoin miners into its country until recently. However, the CCP government plans on launching its currency called the digital Yuan. They will no longer allow any other currencies within their borders.

Bitcoin prices dropped so much in May because Bitcoin miners in China had to leave. This meant that they had to sell large amounts of their coins to pay expenses.

BTC will become more expensive

Anonymous also suggested a talk regarding the BTC Course. According to activists, the large fluctuations currently occurring in cryptocurrency exchanges will be temporary. Bitcoin will start becoming more expensive by July’s end. In August, large increases are expected.

Many cryptocurrency experts predict that the situation will start to improve at the end of July, which will trigger a huge recovery in August,

he added.

This is reassuring as the BTC price lost 6 percent in 24 hours, on a 7-day scale, close to 10 percent.

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