Apex Crypto exchange delists 25 crypto tokens without any reason

Bakkt’s digital asset trade platform delisted several crypto assets, despite those tokens being popular in the crypto Defi sector.

Bakkt Holdings is a US-based corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company operates a technology platform for the management of Crypto assets. This company was founded in Q3 2018 as a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange. Bakkt acquired the Apex crypto trade platform in April of this year for $200 million.

Just recently, Apex exchange delisted 25 out of 36 crypto assets listed on the exchange. 

These delisted tokens are the top Defi tokens and are popular with their use case. 

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Source: Cointelegraph

In a response statement, Apex crypto spokesperson said that delisted crypto assets no longer meet the listing standard of the platform. 

“Our clients and their consumers’ best interests are our core commitment, and our review process ensures those interests are best served when we contemplate the most up-to-date regulatory guidance and the latest industry developments,” Apex official said”

Few crypto Twitter users claimed that the platform delisted those crypto assets, which are secured in nature, while few people said that it will be too early to comment against Apex crypto exchange because these are those Crypto assets which are already trading on the publicly trading crypto exchange Coinbase & facing legal hurdles.

Now it will be interesting to see whether Apex crypto exchange will take its decision back or plan something different.

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